I wonder…..

Fill in your info Press the Magic button and then...kabam- matches galore.

Fill in your info press the Magic Button and then…kabam- matches galore.


So since my education is taking me to pastures with a small lesbian population I’ve gone a modern, alternate (and slightly scary) route. Online dating. Yup, you know that thing where you try to find dates online? That would be what I’m doing. It’s not so bad actually. You can find out a lot about a person that you wouldn’t find out meeting them in a cafe. I’ve found some neat people somewhat close by who actually have a lot in common with me.

It just makes me wonder if that could be a good route. Of course you get the people online who are looking for a random overnighter but there is a nice population of perfectly honest women online. For now, in such a lesbian-starved area (as far as I know right now) it is a nice reprieve.

They say 1 in 10 relationships begin online…Is that true? Do so many people take to the Net to find romance? And what are their reasons?


Summer ~



So now that it’s summer I promised myself a fresh start. To change bad habits to good, get over the past, and of course; enjoy myself. Basically a warm- weather New Year’s 😉

However like  New Year’s these self-promises aren’t being kept. I’m not going out and living my life, having fun, yadda yadda. What am I doing?

Cooped up in the house. I sit, read, blare music, watch movies, cook, walk and sleep. But while I may not be being physically useful, mentally I am. Because my head has always beem a swirling land of ideas, thoughts, and the like even when I’m sedentary physically; I’m NEVER that way mentally. Hence why I have so many idea’s that roll, leap, twirl, and shimmey all over in my head and that I’ve decided to start putting it own on paper (or type into a computer 🙂 ) One is in the form of poetry and is a poetic representation of my philosophy I’ve been sorting out in my head for years. And the philosophy is going to require some sorting and writing.

When I read the first poem I wrote for this and explained (as briefly as possible) my philosophy my mother was like “i guess you don’t sit around and do nothing all day.”

Oh yea.


Hmm… side-note…………….

Guess who’s gone blonde? 😉




Can People Sink Any Lower?

Mmkay So I’m going to have to postpone the ‘Featured People and Media’ blogs for a while. But I have a little blog.
So Thursday night, my younger brother had one of his friends over. Now this guy is 16, but he sure as hell doesn’t look it. In fact he looks much older. As in tall, burly, and a bit intimadating. So He has this guy over and I don’t speak more than 5 words to this him. But that night around midnight (on the eve of my graduatio no less) my phone rings and I am informed of a new text from my brother.

Baically asking me to have sex with his 16 year old friend WHO IS MALE.

So I of course tell him to go to hell and remind him I’m a lesbian (which shouldn’t be needed-he tells anyone who listens)

What does he say? He ask’s me to ‘do the guy favor because it’s only once and he’s still a virgin’.
I say that’s a bit much for a favor. And I just want to point out the extreme weakness of that argument. It wan’t until months after I turned 17 that I did that -and it was with Martha someone who (at the time) I genuinely cared about.
He asked again and something in my mind snapped.
So I had myself a little rant. Basically went on about his lack of respect and his pathetic attitude. Which seemed to shut him up.

What I plan to use as my facebook cover :)

What I plan to use as my facebook cover :)

The Advocates

An ‘The Advocate’ cover featuring Adam Lambert


So this past Monday’s (May 21st 2012) Featured Media is an LGBT blog we all should know and love. It’s is an ultimate news source covering everything from T.V., politics, celebrities, crime, and anything else. You should all know it- The Advocate.

This is my go-to source for LGBT news- to hear about injustices, learn about politicians stances, and to hear about the coolest new music, movies and TV shows coming out. They have a crime category where you can hear all about the latest criminal cases against LGBT people, they have a women category(which I feel the title is fairly self-explanatory) and everything else.

They always have new stories being posted and of course the comments can be good to. Basically it is an online magazine (and you can purchase a print version, usually with a bonus of OUT! Magazine).  It is extremely comprehensive; it is almost guaranteed you will find a category or story that you will find appealing. No part of the spectrum is left out.

They will also occasionally embed videos and link to other site’s that you may like! They had an article about Jill and Nickki from The Real L Word (season one) having a baby on there that linked to another site that I now frequent.

It is a great source for news and is bound to lead you to other equally great site’s 🙂

Outstanding Supporter


Last Friday’s Featured Person (May 18th 2012) that is now being uploaded almost a week late is Cyndi

So this blog is about Cyndi Lauper and her contributions to the LGBT community. She is and has been an active advocate, spokesperson, and representative. She is a great ally for us, with her being an award winning singer and being pretty famous. She never hesitates in interviews to talk and advocate for us.

She has participated in Gay Pride Parades, appeared on the TV show ‘As The World Turns’ to support gay rights, designed a t-shirt for the second Fashion Against Aids campaign, headlined the True Colors Campaign, and when she received 6th place on The Celebrity Apprentice she used her reward money for her True Colors Fund. She also launched a campaign “Give a Damn” to bring awareness to discrimination to the LGBT community as part of her True Colors Fund.

She has been honored by Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN and PFLAG. She was also joined with Lady Gaga to be a spokesperson for the 2010 MAC Viva Glam Campaign and to educate woman about HIV/AIDS

So as you can see, she has done a lot for the LGBT community.

Here is her website

Here is the True Color’s Residence, a permanent housing place for homeless LGBT youth.

Here is the True Color Fund

And here is the Give A Damn Campaign

Wait for it…

Okay I’m SO SORRY! I know I was supposed to have a Featured Person on Friday and a Featured Media on Monday. To say things have been hectic is putting it extremely mildly :O However I will have both late blogs up tomorrow and another on this Friday’s Featred Person as Tomorrow is a HUGE day for me. Also tomorrow look forward to my identity being revealed; not my name but pictures!!!
Though I am a tad nervous about that for the sole reason that someone I don’t want to find me/know about this blog could stumble accross it and recongnize me but I’ll take the risk ;)It’s about time for you to have a face to the writing 😛

Lose the White Hat and Get the Facts

Bristol Palin attacks First Daughter’s…with nonsense argument.


Bristol Palin (the 2008 GOP VP nominee’s daughter) has attacked President Obama’s daughter’s after he publicly announced support for same-sex marriage. President Obama noted that while talking to his daughter’s about friends and their parent’s the normality of same-sex households was revealed to him. Palin says that they “are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.”

Well hate to break it to you Bristol, but many thoughts about marriage have changed since they were established thousands of years ago.

For one sex before marriage was considered adultery (because it was still ‘outside of marriage’). So if we were still going by the thinking of marriage from long ago, you’d probably be in some kind of prison or have been stoned- did you forget about your pregnancy?

Thousands of years ago marriage could be between one man and several women- not just one woman. Though if you want to go by your religions thousands of years of marriage thinking, your husband could legally beat you and it would be fine in the public eye.

Divorce is legal now- a while ago that was a huge sin. But now it’s okay, which is good so the sanctity of brief temporary publicity straight marriages can be protected while it has been proven that gay couples stay together far longer than straight couples.

A few decades ago interracial marriage was seen as a sin- now it is perfectly legal.

Oh and the whole “straight couples raise children better” comment? Not true. According to research children raised by lesbians get better grades, have less behavioral problems , and have more self-esteem and confidence than those raised by straight parents- here is the link to the report on the study.


“We know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ world view,” She said. Really? Then, forgive me for asking, but what about you? You’re a single mother- your son doesn’t have two parents. He has no father to shape his  worldview- except what is publically known about him knocking up other chicks. Great worldview.

And it shouldn’t matter that the First Daughters are teenagers. Their dad sits down and talks to them- like a family. Not ditching his kid to go on a reality TV show. Which looks ten times worse for you because your kid doesn’t have any other parent to look after him while your trying to become famous. And while his daughters are teenagers, they seem to have more sense than you- look at their nonexistant parental status.

As for the comment of “To much Glee”-that is just awful! Glee is not by any means pushing a “homosexual agenda”- it is just a show that breaks the horrible stereotypes believed by uninformed people and developed by homophobic bigots.

A few words directed to President Obama’s daughters and President Obama himself- I am glad first to the President for displaying the ability to have opinions evolve- that is a true sign of continued growth, maturing, and learning- something no one is ever supposed to stop doing. Being a lifelong learner is crucial to keep up with the ever-evolving world; and a great display of your capabilities as President.

To the First Daughters: It makes me happy to see young ladies such as yourself be so open minded and supportive of those who are slightly different than you; the world is changing quickly, as it always has been and your open minded nature is exactly what is needed to keep the world growing and prevent stagnation.

Now that I’ve ranted and gotten my frustration out of my system here are some final words.

 The thinking on marriage has never been the same for long and it never will be. Growth is part of what keeps our world going round. The economy and unemployment are hot topics for political debate at the moment- ever think that non-discriminatory policies based on sexual orientation or sexual identity  for work places would lead to lower unemployment? And think of all the money spent on gay weddings that would help boost the economy. The fact is, that discriminating on people in a way that has been going on is part of why our country is in such a bad position.

Having a mother/father in the upbringing doesn’t mean much…it doesn’t take one male anatomy and one female anatomy for a child to grow up successful and happy- it takes love, encouragement, understanding and support. All of which can be gained by couples of the same sex.



Three Cheers for a Great Movie!!

Graham From "But I'm A Cheerleader"

Such a smartass 😀


This weeks Featured Media is a movie. Have you heard of it? Probably –But I’m a Cheerleader. What can I say? Yes I am well aware it is an older movie but I still feel it deserves mention. I found it extremely entertaining and hilarious as well as informative. Not to mention Clea DuVall is seriously hot.

The movie is something that I can relate to in some ways. The main character (a cheerleader) is the recipient of an intervention and sent to a sort of rehab for de-gaying. The main way I relate to her is the thought that you don’t think anything you think when looking at women is different from what everyone else thinks. I feel this way. I always thought everyone had the same thoughts I did.

I also relate to the character Graham in other ways. She has accepted her sexuality and states that the only thing you can do is not get caught. Unlike Megan who, at first, tries to ‘become’ straight. Which is not me. Once I figured out ‘Hey, I’m a lesbian!’ I didn’t want to ‘become’ straight – I was pretty fucking happy that I finally sorted through my life and figured out who I was. I sure as hell wasn’t going to try to become something I’m not. And people who didn’t like who I am don’t have a place in my life.  I found some things interesting in the movie. Especially indications that you’re a lesbian


Vaginal motifs in artwork

Gay iconography (like posters) well let’s see… Otep Shamaya has been my role model for years

Not liking to kiss your boyfriend- I’ve never been with a guy in any way, frankly because the thought of it makes me gag.


See this is interesting….I’ve wanted to be vegetarian since I was like 10 – which was slowed down do to my mother’s ‘nutrition concerns’ but is now managed 🙂

I don’t have any artwork to have vaginal motifs but when I was younger (like second grade) I used to look in medical texts with the human anatomy and guess which diagrams I looked at. That should have been a HUGE rainbow flag.

I’ve only been a fan of Otep since I discovered rock/alternative music in 7th grade. But before that I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since childhood and guess who was my favorite character? The oh-so-lesbian Willow 🙂

And the thought of kissing or anything with a guy makes me ill.

I’m not sure if these are true as blue signs of lesbianism or just hype; but if they are and I had known I would have figured everything out much sooner.

But back to the movie. It is a great love story and is so far my favorite lesbian movie. It has sexuality denial, lesbian romance, flaming gay boys, and taking a stand for who you are.

What’s not to love?

Victoriandustrial ;)

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

Hey sorry this is a few days late; I had Internet connectivity problems.

This weeks  featured person is the person I mentioned last time. She goes by the name of Emilie Autumn – also known to fans as EA.

She play’s violin, electric violin, and the harpsichord. She is an incredible vocalist, and incredibly strong individual. She is another vocal supporter of LGBT rights and identifies as asexual. She is also a vegan.

Her songs are a personal expression that are beautiful to listen to. Her shows are even more amazing. I have never been to one; but the clips on YouTube are nothing short of spectacular. There is a fair amount of burlesque, fire breathing, stilt walking, and everything under the moon. When on tour these feats (along with back-up vocals) are performed by ladies known as The Bloody Crumpets – ranging from burlesque dancers to circus performers.

Her shows are Victorian complete with corsets, tea, petticoats, bloomers, and stalking’s. Before shows there are often meet and greets occasionally with tea and book recitations. She is described as being extremely friendly. Fans who have met her at meet and greets or elsewhere describe her extreme kindness, caring, and humor.

She has a self-published book (coffee table sized book) of better quality than almost any book out there these days titled The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls. She has many names for her fans; including ‘Plague Rats’, ‘Muffins, ‘Thunder Rats’, and the official club The Bloomer Brigade 😉

Victoriandustrial is how she describes her music: Victorian + Industrial. She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but uses it so as not to be a victim of it. Her upcoming Album F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) is themed for women.
Here is her Wikipedia bio.

Here is her Twitter (EXTREMELY active)

Here is her Facebook

Here is her Website

Here is the fan forum

Next weeks featured person has yet to be decided.